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and Construction Permits Eligible for 2019 Filing Window

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Ok, these really are not "tickets" per se, but if you are looking for a low cost high risk investment with a huge upside, then buying FCC Construction Permits which have been displaced by the Incentive Auction or subsequent repacking is the investment for you.  You many also qualify if you had a displaced LPTV and did not file in the 2018 Displacement Window.  We have about fifty (50) of these, from large and small markets.  We have seen offers come in recently at $0.50/pop for these.  The larger the pop count, the less per pop, is the rule for these.  The reason these are high risk is that you do not know which new contour you will get, nor the new pop counts.  Then again, do your engineering and you can find lots of diamonds in these lemons.

Below is a list of the markets we have Displacement Window Tickets in.  They all are scheduled to be auctioned later in November, so buy them now before they are gone!  Note, that many of these are included in the multiple "clusters" we are offering, so check with us if interested. 

These Tickets Are Hot Hot Hot.  Don't Wait Shop Today!

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