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Due to the laws of physics, analog LPTV on VHF channel 6 are capable of transmitting an FM radio signal on 87.7 FM.  There are about 20 of these across the country, and they are in most cases the largest cash flowing LPTV in their markets.  They transmit both the FM signal, and an analog TV signal at the same time, usually with two transmitters.  This unique capability is now only available while still analog, and the FCC has authorized at least another two years for analog operations.  At that time, the analog "Franken Radio" stations may be gone.  But there is a plan afoot for all digital LPTV 6's to be able to transmit both signals, so buy the cash flow today, and there just might be a huge upside here.  These are cash flowing machines, so get ready to figure out a deal!

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